Dentist near me – Dentist Sanremo

Dentist near me – Dentist Sanremo

Sometimes it can happen that you’re on vacation, traveling for work or any other reason, and suddenly you realize you have a dental problem.
You immediately think that you should probably go to a dentist, but you’re on vacation and your trusted dentist certainly can’t reach you.

However, you must not give up! My name is Alessio Bosco, I’m a Dentist in Sanremo, and I am ready to help you with your dental problems.
Since 1991 I have been putting my heart into the teeth of my patients and I am here to offer you my professionalism.

In my Studio in Sanremo we treat all the various areas that can be connected to dentistry: from simple toothache, to dental prosthesis to implants, Tooth bleaching to full arch esthetic veenering and more.

In Studio Bosco – Dentist Sanremo you will find a highly trained staff to welcome you and you won’t have to worry about speaking Italian: here, as well as Italian, we also speak English, Spanish and French.

Don’t let a tooth problem ruin your stay in Sanremo: if you need a dentist all you have to do is call me at 01 8453 0798

I’m at your disposal to solve your dental issue,
Alessio Bosco.